Evangelism activities

There are three main activities that we are currently involved with:

1. Web-based outreach. Kathyshaw.org is our website that targets those looking for God online. We use sponsored ads to promote the site, in particular our 'Find God' page.

2. International trips. We partner with local churches and other ministries in Africa and Asia as we proclaim the gospel through evening meetings involving worship, testimonies, preaching and prayer. A standard 5 day programme could include the following topics: 1. Creation, 2. Hell, 3. Jesus, 4. The cross, 5. Heaven

3. Local events. We are developing one-off gospel events, currently in New Zealand. These events are typically a musical presentation followed by a 20-30 minute gospel message. In the UK these events were run in community halls and in hired pub rooms. In New Zealand we have used a community hall to date, but the format would suit a cafe or church set-up also. If you would like to partner with us to host such an event, please use the contact form to get in touch. 

Event example content

An example of a playlist for a musical presentation is here:  Find Heaven 4

An example talk is here:


An example playlist for the elderly (possible rest home context) is here: Find Heaven rest home

An example short talk that might be used rest homes is here:


Here is a message specifically aimed at a youth audience:


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